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27. They preach only human doctrines who say that as soon as the money clinks into the money chest, the soul flies out of purgatory

Luther correctly identifies the fact that connecting the exchange of money with forgiveness is not what God intended but is a man-made situation. The truth of that is shown in the verses in Matthew and John that we spoke of in connection to Theses 26.

This is again a clear indictment by Luther against the sale of indulgences. Just a reminder that the Pope and in fact the whole Catholic Church was selling indulgences to raise money for the Church, the Pope, and the construction of St. Peter’s Cathedral. Which gives us cause today to consider why we still give money to the church? What are we “buying” today?

We still get some confusing messages from the church today about why we should give. I think that most of us are clear in our belief that we are not giving “to the church” but that our giving is a “gift to God”. Sometimes the impression is that God “needs” your money. In fact God does not need your money! God is the creator of all things and if He needed anything He has the power to get it. Indeed god does not need our help for anything not physically building the kingdom with buildings etc. or even spiritually building the kingdom by bringing people to believe in His love and forgiveness. God is going to do whatever He sees is necessary to grow His kingdom here on earth, and he has allowed those of us who are His followers to be a part of that kingdom growth.

Our contributions come in the form of a “life lived for Him”, “worship of him” “proclaiming the coming of His Kingdom” as well as gifts of money to allow for the growth of His kingdom here on earth. When a mother is baking in the kitchen, she does not need the help of her children to accomplish the baking, but she is happy when they want to “help”. It makes God Happy that we want to help in the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ here on earth.

Experience the Joy, be a part of God’s Kingdom growth!


Heavenly Father, fill me with Your Spirit that I may find joy in the growth of Your Kingdom here on earth. Allow me the joy of being a willing participant with all those who love You as we live for You, love You and serve You in Your Kingdom. Amen.