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47. Christians are to be taught that the buying of indulgences is a matter of free choice, not commanded.

God commands us to believe, be baptized, live in love, ask for forgiveness, receive His forgiveness and live a life of repentance. Nowhere does God command that we should buy indulgences. That seems pretty clear.

But when the people were taught that the best way to receive the forgiveness that the Pope offered was to buy indulgences and God wants you to have this forgiveness, then buying the indulgences became to them almost like a command of God!

Once again, Luther had found the pure gold of salvation as a free gift from God. The church had lost the idea that salvation was free and given by God through His Holy Spirit. God has given forgiveness and salvation to the church on earth to manage, but the church has come to believe that they own forgiveness and salvation!

The fact is that God still owns forgiveness and salvation and He gives it to whom He chooses, and he cannot be swayed by who pays the most money!


To You the giver of true life, I come in humble adoration. Forgive me my sin and restore my soul. That I may live to serve You through love and service to others. Make me a new person in heart and soul. Through Jesus Christ, Amen.