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63. But this treasure is naturally most odious, for it makes the first to be last (Mt. 20:16).

“Most Odious” You would not normally think of the grace of God as odious! But Luther has a point in this Thesis. To those who are living without the Spirit of God the idea that we have a relationship with God because He does it all and we do nothing for it seems too easy. We have a winner mentality! We want to think that we have made great strides toward God and we have won eternal life by our life achievements.

It also follows then that as the winners we are in the front and leading the pack of people who want to go to heaven. We are most comfortable when there is a hierarchy or a ranking of those who are the people of God because we feel that we are doing pretty well. But Jesus made it clear that in His kingdom those who are not leading the pack but serving the pack are the ones who are winning.

The idea of living a life of service to all does seem sort of unattractive to those living without the Spirit of God until the Spirit works in their lives then living to serve all people makes more sense. In order to live this way we must allow God to live in us and direct our life. Our eternal salvation is totally dependent on what God does in us not what we do for God.

The good news is that God has done it all for our salvation and the grace of God say that we get it as a gift from God, we do nothing for it.