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9. Therefore the Holy Spirit through the pope is kind to us insofar as the pope in his decrees always makes exception of the article of death and of necessity.

This Thesis shows that Martin Luther still had respect for the office of the Papacy. He states that all of the Popes decrees have explicably said that they did not apply to the dying. But you notice that he reminds us that it is still the work of the Holy Spirit through the Pope that causes these decrees to be written.

I fear that it is still true as it was 500 years ago that many of the leaders of the visible church here on earth have forgotten that it is not their power and authority that directs God’s church. Rather the same Holy Spirit that inhabits every believing Christian is the Spirit working through them to guide God’s church on earth. Like every Christian they are simply God’s instrument here on earth to work His will. No more and no less.

It is indeed a sobering thought that the Spirit of the living God lives in me! I have the power to live and love because the Spirit of God gives it to me each and every day. Each of us is tempted to believe that it is our own power and strength and that the Spirit is simply an addition to that power. The devil has gotten us to believe that God’s Holy Spirit in us gives us “super powers”. In truth the scripture teaches us that we are dead without the Spirit of God and the Spirit of God gives us life itself! We have no power but His!


Dear Father in Heaven, please forgive me and make me new in You. Give me the Power of Your Spirit that I may live each day in Your grace. Help me to overcome the temptation to believe that I have my own power. By the grace of Your Holy Spirit, Amen.