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Final Thoughts

These past 95 days were a reflection on the statements that got Martin Luther into trouble. When he posted them on the door I am sure that he did not think that they would be printed and circulated in German to everybody and start a whole new Denomination.

Thank you all for reading these devotions on Luther, it is still the 500 th year until next October31st. If you or your congregation would like to use these devotions you may go to the website Lutherdevotions.com, each day’s devotions are published as a post. You may download the complete set as a pdf or fill in the e-mail subscription form which will allow you and others to receive them daily for 95 days beginning again beginning at day one.

This was only the beginning of Luther’s writing, he went on to translate the bible into German and wrote the major confessions to which Lutherans subscribe today. He also wrote the large and Small Catechisms and a Treatise on the Pope. You can find all of these writings in various places and all are worth the time it takes to read them.

I have gotten many emails saying just how much you have enjoyed receiving these daily devotions. Therefore I am going to continue to send out a daily devotion. These will be a slow and complete read through the Bible. I will start with the Gospel of Matthew. I have divided the Book of Matthew into short readable sections and each devotion is designed to be just 15 minutes long. Everyone who has been getting the 95 Theses Devotions will automatically receive these new devotions and if you do not want to receive them daily please use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email.

Yours in Christ
Pastor Paul Hoyer